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Service Explorer Crack + PC/Windows [Latest 2022]

Service Explorer is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for administrators to centrally manage services and scheduled tasks on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 networks from a single console.
Effortless Searching
Service Explorer quickly searches your entire network for services to be managed based on criteria such as service name, description, and logon account. You can search an entire domain or just computers in a specific Organizational Unit. The selected search criteria can be saved for repeated use at a later date. Service Explorer is supplied with a number of predefined searches for instant access to some common administrative tasks. Running as a multi-threaded application, the discovery time to find all services to be managed is significantly reduced, which ensures consistently fast and granular search results over time.
Complete Account Management
Once a list of services and tasks matching the search criteria has been returned, the service accounts used can be modified in much the same way a single service would be modified on a local server by changing the service account and/or password. A key difference with Service Explorer is that this single change can affect hundreds of servers throughout your enterprise, all from a single centralized console. Once you’ve made the necessary account changes, Service Explorer can be used to then restart the services on all of the affected servers.
Service Explorer also gives administrators the ability to change the startup type of services across the enterprise. As with the password change scenario, enabling or disabling a service found on multiple servers would be just as easy and fast.
Service Security Management
With Service Explorer you can modify security on service access control lists (ACLs). This unique capability provides the granularity and control needed to modify the security on system services. Viewing and editing service ACLs is fast and easy. Now, managing service security no longer requires giving users unnecessary rights.Task Management
Service Explorer also provides unequaled management of scheduled tasks. Tasks can be searched for using the same feature sets as those used for services. Once found, account credentials and task properties can all be managed and modified centrally using the same interface. With Service Explorer, your overall network security and performance will improve dramatically.
Service Explorer Highlights:
Securely Manage Services, Tasks, and Account Credentials
Administer services and tasks across your network
Provides insight into the running status of services, tasks, and accounts
Search for services and tasks by name, description, and logon account
Analyze the running status of services and tasks
Display and modify account credentials

Service Explorer [Latest] 2022

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Service Explorer Crack

Service Explorer provides network administrators with a unique, centralized approach to perform common administrative tasks on hundreds of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 servers in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Service Explorer will help you simultaneously manage Services and Tasks on multiple servers and desktops from a single console.
Who’s the target audience?
Administrators responsible for management of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 network servers.
This solution requires:
• A Microsoft NT4/2000/XP/2003 server.
• Windows Installer 1.0 or higher
Service Explorer does not require any agent software or third-party clients.
Deployment and Administration
• Download and install the product.
• Open Service Explorer, type your service credentials, and click Connect.
• Open a new Service Explorer tab for each service whose credentials you want to modify.
• Select the service accounts to be modified from the service account list.
• Click the Modify Accounts button to modify the accounts.
• Click the Apply button to apply the changes.
If you need assistance installing or deploying Service Explorer, refer to the Service Explorer installation guide included in the installation package. For specific instructions on how to install and manage Service Explorer, refer to the service account chapter of the documentation included in the installation package. For general information on working with the Service Explorer user interface, see the user guide included in the installation package.
Technical Details
Service Explorer is a multi-threaded application that can manage up to 50 services or tasks at a time. It works on any Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 server that has Windows Installer 1.0 or higher installed and is installed on the local hard drive.
The Solution
• Network administrators can use Service Explorer to centrally manage the following tasks:
• Modify service account credentials.
• Restart services.
• Manage scheduled tasks.
• Control access to network services.
• Modify service access control lists (ACLs).
• Change startup type.
• Completely control network services from a single central console.
Key features
• Instantly search for and modify service account credentials, including passwords.
• Instantly restart services when they stop responding to the network.
• Manage service account credentials.
• Manage scheduled tasks.
• Manage account permissions.
• Change service account password.
• Manage service account startup type.
• Manage service access control lists (ACLs).

What’s New in the Service Explorer?

Service Explorer is a powerful, easy-to-use solution to address the critical problem of service account management. It enables you to centrally manage all of your services and scheduled tasks from a single point – without the need for agents or scripts. All of the basic and advanced security operations for Service Explorer are available from the same interface. Service Explorer provides a unified view of your services and their activities. This allows you to make meaningful changes that impact all of the services in a network.

– Search and manage all services and scheduled tasks from a single point – without the need for agents or scripts– A robust search engine ensures consistent fast and granular search results over time– Provides administrators with the capability to quickly view the age of service accounts’ passwords– Modify account passwords centrally for all services running under the account– Modify service accounts and passwords for all services on computers and in a domain– Restart the services on all servers on which the accounts are configured– Change the startup type of services across the enterprise– Manage accounts used for scheduled tasks centrally ––  Manage service ACLs from a single console –   Use the same interface to manage security for services, accounts and scheduled tasks –    View and edit service ACLs –      View service account and account password details –       Change service account passwords and restart services –       Change the account passwords of tasks scheduled on a server –                Change the security settings for scheduled tasks –                   

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